Subsea Support

From the surface to the seafloor, OceanWorks International provides a wide range of standard remote intervention support systems, and customized tooling for the oil and gas industry. Our capabilities include the incorporation of a variety of specific tools into fully integrated, custom work packages and skids for specialized task completion. 

Included in the OceanWorks subsea support category is the HARDSUITTM Atmospheric Diving System (ADS).

Some examples of OceanWorks' extensive subsea system and tooling capabilities include:

  • ROV integrated work package and skids
  • ROV components and subsystems
  • Standard Tooling
  • Specialized subsea equipment
  • Pipeline burial / de-burial systems
  • Hydrocarbon sensors for leak detection
  • Independent monitoring of BOP health
  • ROV configured Tooling / ROV system upgrades and refurbishment
  • Fabrication and testing
  • Offshore support
  • ADCP for water column currents and shears
  • Sediment traps for material accumulation
  • Cameras to baseline marine life
  • Continued marine life monitoring
  • Emergency power and communications for disaster response


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