Engineering Services

OceanWorks International’s engineers are specialized in high specification commercial and military systems engineering compliant with industry standards, as well as custom requirements laid out by our customers. They are creative problem solvers with extensive design experience using solid modeling and animation, systems engineering and analysis tools for a wide variety of subsea and marine equipment and components. Our specialties include:


Systems Engineering



• Specifications development


• Reliability & maintainability

• Human factors

• Test procedures

• Complex systems integration


Solid Modeling & Animation

• 3-D Modeling

• Simulation


Structural & Mechanical Engineering


• Advanced FEA analysis

• Corrosion analysis

• Fatigue analysis

• Thermal & vibration analysis




Electrical Engineering


• Electrical analysis

• Circuit simulation

• AC & DC power systems

• Embedded software

• Control systems

• EMI & EMC analysis


Advanced Testing & Systems Integration



• Mechanical asselbly

• Prototyping

• Hydrostatic testing

• Certification & type approval




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